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Mobile gaming in China generated 37% of revenue in the video game market in 2016
In the history of mobile games in China, the year 2016 marked a turning point: it was on this date that China became the largest market for mobile games in the world. According to a study by the China Research Center CNG Games Research Center , this market generated $ 11.9 billion in 2016, compared to $ 7.1 billion the previous year, an increase of 59.6%.

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The mobile games segment is growing faster than expected. Analysts predict continued revenue growth until 2019 when the market could generate $ 52.5 billion. By doing so, the share of mobile gaming compared to other media should increase to 48% within three years.

Revenue growth in the video game industry in China on mobile (in blue) and on other media (in green). Source: Newzoo hack version.
Such revenue growth has been made possible by Chinese gamers who do not hesitate to spend online
There are several explanations for this phenomenon. First of all, with nearly 700 million smartphone users, China is a country in which access to the Web is primarily via mobile. More than 95% of Chinese Internet users access the internet via mobile devices. And, according to Shanshan Cao, senior analyst at Newzoo interviewed by What’s on Weibo , 71% of Chinese Internet users play online (at least occasionally), it is the mobile games that have particularly developed. China’s 521 million mobile gamers are mostly young people living in first- and second-tier cities, half of whom are women apps, hack tool, account login, forum, beginner guide, Zombie Battleground how to play game, win and hack for free, Zombie Battleground 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, Zombie Battleground jailbreak, Zombie Battleground without surveys.

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Above all, they are used to spending online and are willing to pay for a mobile game. According to Shanshan Cao, paid or free games then paid past a certain level are not the only ones to generate income. A free game can also generate via advertising that it can do for a product if for example for every purchase of this product, mod apk “lives” or points for the game are offered. The selling point of the product becomes stronger thanks to the attraction of the online game.

While “casual” type games and card games remain the most popular, designers are looking to increase revenue by exploring other types of games Download for pc ios
However, in a very competitive market with 171 video game companies listed on the stock market and 320 new mobile games released in 2015, in addition to the acquisition of new players becomes increasingly difficult, designers are already exploring new types of games that can generate revenue android.

The most popular games in China are currently card games and casual type games (which can be played without the player having to get involved in the game’s history) with titles like “Parkour Everyday”, ” “Craz3 Match” and “Rhythm Master” (all three of the top 10 games in Android’s Android coverage are all owned by Tencent, which controls most of the Chinese online gaming market). But more and more heavy content games are emerging, incorporating role plays or action titles like “We fire” website, glitch, update, iphone, android, ios and pc download, Zombie Battleground tutorial and courses, Zombie Battleground apk mods.

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In addition, game creators often draw inspiration from popular Chinese culture for the context of their games. If they manage to put it on the stage, explains Shanshan Cao, they can convince fans who are not necessarily players to adopt their game, as happened for Star Wars: Commander, Free generator in February 2016. In only four days after its release, the game had already been downloaded over a million times.

Finally, another category that is particularly popular in China (and much stronger than in the West) is that of esport games, which refers to video game competitions that are starting more and more often on mobile and can continue on their own. without human verification other media as the game gets more complex: according to Newzoo, the professional e-sports games market generated $ 194 million in revenue in 2015 and could exceed 465 million by 2017.

In 2015, the main titles in this segment were King of Glory, Dota Legend, Fantasy Westward Journey 2 and Hearthstone. Testifying to the popularity of this video game practice whose parts can become a real event followed by spectators, the e-commerce group Alibaba has invested 150 million dollars in the International Federation of esport including 5.5 million in the organization of a tournament unlimited free coins and gems, Zombie Battleground generator with no survey.

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LEARN MORE ON THE VIDEO GAMES MARKET IN CHINAThe expertise of Daxue Conseil: user tests (UX) in China
Daxue Conseil uses the user test as a method of evaluation, especially for companies related to digital. free cheats Scientific research in the service of the user experience is crucial in sectors such as video games, mobile applications, connected Internet of Things , e-commerce and the media. This methodology plays a key role in discovering the needs of your customers and allows you to adapt your product or service to their codes download expectations. The user experience in China is a growing trend that goes beyond the mobile gaming sector free, Zombie Battleground gift code redeem, Zombie Battleground download cheat codes for android, Zombie Battleground ios and pc .


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