World Of Tank trick and cheat android and pc apk free download
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The World of tank consists of several modules and a crew allowing the tank to advance, communicate, and detect enemies and shoot. Modules can be destroyed and crew members killed. For this, it is necessary to draw exactly where the module or the crew member is. Several shells may be needed if the firepower is not sufficient. Some elements are easy to aim because we can see them with our own eyes, while others are inside the tank itself.

World Of Tank trick and cheat

World Of Tank trick and cheat

The module can be destroyed temporarily: indeed, the crew will begin the repair immediately the module destroyed … However it will remain damaged for the rest of the game, and the tank will be less powerful. It is therefore very useful to target them first in order to take the GAME.

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In battle, a small black frame is at the bottom left of your screen. It gives you important information on the state of your vehicle: your health points, the state of the modules and the state of your crew. When no color appears, no modules have been touched. If one of your items is damaged, it is surrounded by orange. When it’s destroyed, it turns red. For crew members, when they are killed, an orange halo surrounds the dead soldiers.

Each module has a number of non-visible health points in play. Here is an example: if your engine has 600 health points. A 300 damage shot hits him. Your engine is damaged but not destroyed. If you take a new 300 damage shot, your engine will be destroyed this time and you will be immobilized until the end of the repair. Each new shot on the engine will destroy it again. This mechanism is the same for all modules.

World Of Tank apk for android, pc and ios

World Of Tank apk for android, pc and ios

When an item is destroyed, it is automatically repaired. Repair time decreases with crew level and repair skill. A caterpillar that has been repaired remains damaged, applying detrimental effects on your tank such as reduced acceleration or reduced aiming speed (depending on the module affected, of course.) Only the ammunition rack is an exception when it is destroyed it causes an explosion of your World of tank.

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The suspensions (or tracks) carry the entire tank and therefore have a load limit. You will sometimes need to improve them because they will not always support all the added equipment – such as a more powerful gun, which is often heavier. They also allow the tank to turn on itself (speed of rotation).

Both caterpillars can be damaged independently of each other. To instantly destroy a caterpillar, you have to shoot the first or the last roller of the suspension. The world of tank is then immobilized until it is repaired. A damaged caterpillar will reduce the rotation speed of the tank.

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In many situations, it is very useful to destroy a caterpillar of your opponent: When it advances and sets out to shoot, destroying its caterpillar will immobilize it and prevent it from going back undercover, allowing your allies to destroy it. Some World of tanks have the barrel in the front hull and must turn on themselves to face you and shoot you. Destroying a caterpillar will prevent them from moving and therefore aiming at you.

The engine of a tank determines its power and ability to accelerate in the hills. The weight/power ratio of the motor determines its speed to reach its maximum speed. You will often need to improve it to increase your mobility. Improving it will sometimes reduce the likelihood of fire.

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The engine will almost always be in the back of the World of tank, except for German World of tanks whose transmission is sometimes at the front. A shot in the back of the crate is likely to destroy the engine (and a destroyed engine will immobilize the tank until it is repaired.) Once the engine is repaired, it will remain damaged, decreasing by more than half your acceleration and your maximum speed.

The engine has a percentage chance to catch fire at impact. This means that if a shot hits the engine directly, your engine will be destroyed but may also catch fire. If the fire is not controlled quickly by the crew or a fire extinguisher (triggered by the player), it will damage other modules in the World of tank: it is important not to let a tank pass behind you or to expose the back of your crate. Also think about buying a fire extinguisher. Note that a damaged tank increases the chances of fires.

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