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according to Quebec researchers, scientists should think twice before proposing to their patients to play video games to boost their brain function. Because in many cases, this activity can do more harm than good.
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It is a debate that is still difficult to resolve today: can video games be beneficial for health, or on the contrary promote violence, addiction and other cognitive disorders? While research has shown that the practice of video games can have a positive influence on various parameters, such as the development of cognitive and spatial functions, researchers at the université de Montréal warn hack version.

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Their recent study indicates that it is true that these are good for short-term memory, but that some video games, first-person shooter games, could cause brain atrophy if played too frequently. More specifically, people who are used to playing these types of games are more likely to have less brain matter in their hippocampus, an essential part of the brain.

And the weaker the hippocampus, the greater the risk of mental illness (depression, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder). “There is evidence that video games are beneficial for some cognitive systems, especially those related to visual attention and short-term memory,” says Gregory West, who led the study. However, there is also evidence that there may be a cost to this effect on the hippocampus.”

Space memory is not always solicited
The researchers decided to undertake a comprehensive neuroimaging study, comparing images from the brains of people who regularly play action video games with those who do not. They noticed that there was less grey matter in the hippocampus, the part of the brain that helps to orient and remember past experiences, players for a simple reason apps, Turbo Squad hack tool, account login, Turbo Squad forum, Turbo Squad beginner guide, Turbo Squad how to play game, Turbo Squad win and hack for free, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, jailbreak, Turbo Squad without surveys.

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This is due to the fact that the practice of these video games stimulates another part of equal importance in the brain, the striatum, mod apk made up of what is called the caudate nucleus. Indeed, 85% of the players tested used this part of the brain to navigate a video game. The caudate core acts as a kind of” self-pilot “and” reward system”, it also helps to develop habits and remind us how to do things, ios such as riding a bicycle or coming home after work.

But if the hippocampus is less stressed, it loses cells and atrophy, the study says. The researchers point out that “if action video games lead to decreases in brain matter in the hippocampus, caution should be exercised Download for pcwhen encouraging children, young adults and other adults to play to enhance their cognitive skills such as short-term visual memory and visual attention.”

Better action video games are needed
These results indicate that treatments that focus on the practice of action video games would not be recommended for patients with Parkinson’s disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder. People who all have less brain matter in their hippocampus. In their conclusions, android they also call on video game manufacturers to change the design of their products website, glitch, update, iphone, android, ios and pc download, tutorial and courses, apk mods website, glitch, update, iphone, android, ios and pc download, tutorial and courses, Turbo Squad apk mods.

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“Now players can easily choose to navigate a game without having to create links between landmarks, a fundamental mechanism of spatial learning,” Free generator they say. In other words, in order for players to adopt spatial learning more frequently, combined with increases in grey matter in the hippocampus during the play of the video game, they recommend video games designed without an integrated GPS system or navigation aid without human verification.

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“It is possible to encourage players using a stimulus response strategy (linked to the caudate core) to adopt spatial learning strategies to counter the negative effects on the hippocampus system.”, they attest. It should be noted that this study does not address the theme of “serious games”, the video games that are most often developed to enhance children’s psychosocial skills.

This is a recurring theme in the media : video games are unhealthy or lead to violent behaviour. If we have several times published articles defending the opposite, here is a new infographic that demonstrates some of the benefits of video games unlimited free coins and gems, Turbo Squad generator with no survey.

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Made by Poki for the site Jeuxjeuxjeux.fr according to several studies, infography highlights some interesting data. For example, did you know that games like Super Mario 3D World or Halo increase the formation of memories and space tracking ? Or that it is recommended to play for up to an hour a day ?

Come on, one last number before you let yourself look at the computer graphics : surgeons who play 3 hours a week work 27% faster and make 37% fewer mistakes at work free, gift code redeem, Turbo Squad download cheat codes for android, Turbo Squadios and pc.

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