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Television is one of the most influential media in children’s lives. They watch it on average almost 15 hours a week. The influence of TV on children depends on several factors: the number of hours spent in front of the small screen, their age, their personality, whether they watch TV alone or with adults, and whether they will have discussions with their parents about the content they watch.

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In order to minimize the potential negative effects of TV, it is important to understand the influence TV can have on children. Information on specific concerns is provided below.

Over the past two decades, hundreds of studies have assessed the influence of violent content on children and youth. While it is difficult to conclude that there is a direct causal relationship, there is a consensus that some children may be vulnerable to violent images and messages hack tool, forum, beginner guide, how to play game, win and hack for free, account login, Toca Life World bot, latest version, tips, and tricks.

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Researchers have identified three possible reactions in children exposed to violent content :

Increased fear children, especially girls, are more likely than adults to be portrayed as victims of TV violence. This can make them more fearful of the world around them.
Desensitization to violence in general some children’s cartoons are among the most violent. The violence is presented in a comical way and its real consequences are rarely exposed.
Increased aggressive behavior this is especially true for young children, who are more likely to display aggressive behaviour after watching a violent program or movie.
Parents should also pay special attention to the television news their children watch. Studies have shown that the latter are more afraid of violence presented to the news than of violence in any type of program. As the child ages, the fear associated with the actual events portrayed in the newscasts increases as the child is able to better distinguish between actual and fictitious violence 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 , Toca Life World glitch update iphone, apk mods for android, ios and pc.

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Effects on Child Development
Television can be detrimental to learning and academic performance if it interferes with activities essential to a child’s physical and mental development. Children’s free time, especially at an early age, should be mostly spent playing, reading, exploring nature, learning music or playing sports.

TV viewing is a passive activity and a determining factor in the problem of childhood obesity. According to the heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, almost one in four children between the ages of seven and twelve is obese Jailbreak, Toca Life World generator without human verification or surveys, website.

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An article in Scientific American magazine entitled “Television Addiction” examines why children and adults find it so difficult to turn off the TV. According to the researchers, viewers feel an instant relaxing effect when they turn on the TV, but it disappears as soon as the small screen is turned off. While people tend to feel energized after a sporting or recreational activity, they tend to feel drained after a television session. “This is the irony of the small screen,” the article reports. People watch more TV than they intend, even if a prolonged viewing is less invigorating. »

In addition to encouraging a sedentary lifestyle, television can also contribute to childhood obesity by inadvertently promoting food junk. According to the Canadian Paediatric Society, the majority of food advertisements aired during children’s programming promote fast food, sweets and sweetened cereals. Healthy food messages represent only 4% of the ads presented. Large sums of money are invested in the production of advertisements that can influence consumer behavior download cheat codes for android, ios, and pc, tutorial and courses, gift code redeem, unlock codes.

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Sexual content
Today, children are bombarded with sexual messages and images in all media (television, magazines, advertising, music, movies and the Internet). Parents often wonder if these messages are really healthy for their children. Television can be a powerful tool for educating young people about the responsibilities and risks of their sexual behaviour. However, these issues are rarely adequately addressed in programming with a high level of sexual content.

A 2001 study by the American Kaiser Family Foundation, entitled Sex on TV, reported that three out of four prime-time shows contained sexual references. Sitcoms are winning: 84% have sexual content. Yet only one in ten refers to safe sex or sex-related risks and responsibilities. In programs where teens are present, only 17% have messages about responsible sex unlimited free diamonds and money, coins and gems glitch,  free cheats.

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