The Walking Dead Road to Survival trick and cheat android and pc apk free download
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In The Walking Dead Road to Survival your fighters have a gauge of adrenaline, it can trigger full a special power. To fill it must hit your opponents, some weapons also give the opportunity to gain adrenaline by being hit. Most often it takes several turns for your bar to be full, but there is a small exception. Sometimes hordes of rangers are too big to fit in the screen and they are in the shadows. So, when this case comes up and you kill all the “enlightened” zombies in one assault, the first character you’ve used the adrenaline rush will have his bar back to the maximum.

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The Walking Dead Road to Survival trick and cheat

Wave start, all your characters have their available power, and rangers are in the shadows. In this case, use the adrenaline power of Machine, as it gives +50 ATQ to teammates you can more easily kill all zombies “light” and Machine will recover all its adrenaline.

Clashes are legion in The Walking Dead Road to Survival, during these fights you can choose the order of passage of your fighters and their targets. In addition to choosing the enemy based on his trait, do not forget to mount your Adrenaline for your powers. For that type with the characters who do not have adrenaline to the maximum when there are not many opponents left. In the same vein, if a character gives attack bonuses (Machine, Glenn …) make them attack first for your teammates to take maximum advantage.

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During your absence on The Walking Dead Road to Survival, other players will not hesitate to plunder your resources with Assault mode. To limit the damage try to keep as little material and food as possible, collect your goods only when you need them.

In The Walking Dead Road to Survival, each character has a power of adrenaline that can be increased. Making him take levels allows him to lower his cost and therefore to use it more often in combat. To take levels to your adrenaline you must sacrifice characters who have the same role (citizen, hunter, leader, guardian, and rebel) than the character you will increase. So before upgrading a character expect to have 10 characters with the same role to have the 40% chance to increase his power.

The Walking Dead Road to Survival apk for android, pc and ios

The Walking Dead to Cheat Survival Tip Cheat is a tool you are looking for. This tool will help you easily play this game by offering you what you are missing when reading, which are Coins, Foods & Materials. With this tool, you do not have to worry anymore and you can generate an unlimited number of resources. On the Game – How about taking control of Woodbury and putting an end to the tyranny of the Governor? Struggle between life and the dead in this incredible Walking Dead role-playing game, and make vital or fatal decisions. In this new story inspired by the Walking Dead comic series, recruit iconic survivors like Rick, Glenn and Michonne and break the reign of a madman.

Generator “The Walking Dead Road to Survival” mod

Download the Walking Dead Road to Survival Cheat Survival Tip and play this game with Unlimited Coins, Foods & Materials. These resources are at stake, you spend a lot or buy to get, but this tool has been solved the problem for us. Our tool is made by experienced programmers DMA team. This tool is clean and safe, before downloading it, the site – download will scan the virus file. With the user-friendly interface, you can use the cheating tool easily.

Generator "The Walking Dead Road to Survival" mod

Our latest version of the cheat tool is a work on Android and iOS devices. We have updated The Walking Dead To Survival Cheat & Cheats Generator (check the date below) so that you can use this tool always worry-free when the game is updated. Do I need root or Jailbreak my phone? No – we made this tool for you with no root & jailbreak necessary. We also add the AntiBan script, connect Cleaner Script & Proxy to keep your account safe from the ban. Now this is your chance to download and get this tool for free. Follow the step below.

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The Walking Dead Road To Survival Cheat Tip Features:

Generate unlimited Coins

Generate Unlimited Foods

Generate Materials Unlimited

Anti-Ban script, Log Cleaner script & Proxy to protect your account against ban

Support all mobile phones (Android & iOS)

No Root & No Jailbreak needed

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