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Guest post Eric Dolatre: WhatsApp: unsuitable for children and young people
This is what an expert says: how to teach children how to use their mobile phones correctly
The experts of “” have tested 100 games-Apps for kids. 99 of them are according “” with regard to their handling of child, data and consumer protection critical, over 60 percent even show such serious shortcomings, in order to be classified as very risky in at least one test category. The Apps have focused on child protection, advertising, hack version In-App purchases, privacy and consumer information. We will tell you which Apps are suitable and which are unsuitable.

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Sins Raid hack version

What makes a good game App for kids?
Marlen Korn leads “” the area “Internet for children”. She mentions the aspects that make up a good Kids App. A Games App suitable for children

is age-appropriate and contains no scary content,
is easy to use,
designed for children,
at best, encourage children to participate and
provides a learning effect,
in this game, you will be able to choose from a variety of different types of weapons, including armor, armor, and Sins Raidarmor.,
requires no or at least only a few permissions (such as access to the address book),
requests only the most necessary data and does not pass it on to third parties,
does not create any game pressure.
“It’s just Free-to-Play Apps that create pressure and push children to make In-App purchases,” says Marlen Korn. The Download of such Apps is free, you get quickly into the respective game mode and has fast success experiences. But after a short time, players have reached their limits: “then the resources or lives go out in the game, which forces them to buy.”For a few cents or Euros, you can purchase virtual resources that will help you advance in the game. In addition, Push messages create a pressure to continue playing. And even long waiting times, which can only be bypassed by In-App purchases, can increase the pressure apps, hack tool, account login, forum, beginner guide, how to play game, win and hack for free, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, jailbreak, without surveys.

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What should parents pay attention mod apk to when choosing an App?
The first information about an App can be viewed by parents in the App Store. Parents should also pay attention to additional information and read the commentsDownload for pc The age information for the Apps is useful, but they only refer to game content. This app is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for Real Money. For this reason, it makes sense to find out more about this in other places, Korn advises. Possibilities of this is the Foundation of the test or the page “ü goods offer” of android ios “”. With the help of traffic lights, parents can see at a glance how apps perform in terms of child protection, In-App purchases, or privacy.

What are the particular risks of Apps?
Games Apps with integrated communication functions can be particularly risky. In the Apps they are usually bad or not secured at all. “Children here are at risk of cyberbullying or gar-grooming (the appeal of minors on the network for sexual contacts, note. d. Red.), “says Korn. “You can usually not report or block anyone and there is no recognizable moderation concept website, glitch, Sins Raid update, iphone, Sins Raid android, Sins Raid ios and pc download, Sins Raid tutorial and courses, Sins Raidapk mods .”

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Another Problem is the data transmission behavior of the Apps. At 90 of the 100 of “” tested Apps has been found to be user tracking.  Free generator Also, hardly any app features adequate advertising.

Kids with Tablets: especially Free-to-Play Apps create pressure for In-App purchases in children. (Source: Getty Images / dolgachov) children with Tablets: without human verification currently Free-to-Play Apps print In-App purchases for children. (Source: dolgachov / Getty Images)

What should parents do?
First of all, parents should download the App for their child. It is best to play them yourself once or discover together with the child. You can see how the child deals with the App and whether you may need to explain something to him Sins Raid unlimited free coins and gems, Sins Raid generator with no survey.

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Many Apps can also be played in Offline mode. “Parents should activate this so that the child is not led out of the App by a click and in the worst case encounters other content”, says expert Korn. free cheats She also advises parents to stay in touch with the child. “And even if it is laborious: a look at the privacy policy is worth it.”

In addition, codes download parents should turn off the Push messages in the Apps and disable In-App purchases or provide a password protection free, Sins Raid gift code redeem, download cheat codes for android, Sins Raid ios and pc .



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