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The time has come to bring out your tricolor scarf! SimCity is back with a new edition redone from the cellar to the attic for the delight of apprentice mayors around the world. This SimCity renews the gameplay of the famous City Builder with a myriad of new features: statistical maps, multiplayer mode, and specialized cities. .. This new edition of SimCity is so rich in novelties that newcomers and fans of the first hour are likely to find slightly disoriented. Are you new to SimCity? Here are 10 essential tips to make a good start!SimCity trick and cheat

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  1. Good planning is essential

Some apprentice-mayors begin their games of SimCity by placing roads and buildable areas from the first moments of haphazard luck. A tendency to precipitation that will force you to regularly destroy your first buildings, each demolition provoking the loss of services and inhabitant already installed. The solution? Plan the overall location of your roads and intersections before determining your buildable areas.

It’s easier to start at the center of your lot or at a corner; it will be easier to enlarge your city afterwards. And while it’s entertaining to build an exotic city, it’s always easier to start with a simple grid. Another tip: Start by tracing a large main avenue that you can cross narrower streets to ensure good traffic and seamless access to communication channels.

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  1. Pay attention to the density

In order for your new city to flourish and grow on its own, you must be careful that the buildings have room to expand. Small constructions that will take place along the avenues and large will later be replaced by buildings and skyscrapers. Do not spoil the momentarily empty space by bulking it with streets or other constructions!

It is precisely this free space that will allow your inhabitants to enlarge their homes, businesses or factories. Be patient and you can admire the growth of your city without having to do too much.

  1. Keep your city clean

In SimCity you will always have to be careful to keep your city clean. Remember to regularly demolish buildings abandoned or become unhealthy (after a fire, for example) that occupy space unnecessarily. Use the backhoe to get rid of rubble and free space for your inhabitants.

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Unfortunately, the game will not automatically indicate the appearance of new buildings to demolish. We advise you to check it yourself regularly by clicking on the appropriate button from time to time.

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  1. Trust public transport

Your citizens must move between different areas of your city and they will commonly use the car, harmful means of transport generating traffic jams and air pollution. The answer to all your problems? Public transport!

I advise you to start by building bus stops. Then just build a central bus station to serve stops throughout the city. A cheap solution that will increase the level of satisfaction of your citizens. Of course, when you develop your city, consider upgrading the bus station’s capabilities by adding more vehicles to address the problems associated with increasing fill rates. And when business is running at full speed you can even build a train station, a tram, a ferry or even a local airport!

  1. Factories, but not in my garden!

Nobody likes having a plant in their neighborhood, especially if it generates pollution. In SimCity, it’s the same! I advise you not to build your industrial areas in the city, or, in the worst case, to dedicate a well-defined plot. The ideal is to place them as far as possible from residential areas. Choose your location according to the direction of the wind and take care not to place houses in the direction of the fumes of your factories.

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  1. Go green!

The simplest (and least expensive) way to make the people of your city happy is to build a pleasant environment for them. Your people love shopping but still love green spaces! Garnish your city with parks and recreational areas for an optimal level of satisfaction.

The parks are also an excellent antidote against industrial areas. If a plant is near a residential area, it is likely that the red faces (symbolizing the discontent of your flock) abound quickly. So build some parks around the aforementioned factories to make the smile to your people.

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  1. Maintain your public buildings

Quickly build the main public facilities: police station, fire station, hospitals, schools… But remember to maintain them! The requests of your citizens are represented by bubbles above their homes and gives you an idea of the improvements to be made to public services: your citizens complain about crime? So add patrol cars to the police station. Health issues? Expand your hospital.

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  1. A good mayor is not afraid to borrow

In these days, I would advise elected officials of all sides to flee the credit agencies like the plague, but it is different in SimCity. At the beginning of the game, you will probably need a little help to finance your first big jobs. Do not hesitate a second and borrow!

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