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Disadvantages of a mobile application business
Have visibility
It’s a major point whether it’s for a mobile app or a website or any business and that’s why billions of euros are spent in advertising each year. If people don’t know you exist, hack version they won’t buy your products. With mobile apps, it’s the same, if you’re not visible on the app blinds, you don’t exist. So you not only need to make an app that sends heavy, but you also need to master the Aso (App Store Optimization) and SEO in Google (SEO) so that your app and your website are visible. Just to bring in traffic and downloads.

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Gaining visibility is very difficult and takes time. There are hundreds of tips and other good practices to get there, but frankly, it’s difficult. Today I am #2 on the French play store with the key word “bodybuilding”, it took me 3 years to get there. Making a good product is not enough, you need to know how to market and drill on blinds where tens of thousands of apps are added every day ! In a competitive market, you can’t do better.

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Perceived value very low
Pay for an app ? Never ! This is the credo of 90% of mobile application users. Especially on Android. On iOS people are willing to pay because they are used to buying software and products from Apple, and they often have more purchasing power than Android users or at least place more importance on the quality of the software and apps they use.

Getting people to pay for a mobile app is a feat, price elasticity is also a very strange thing to test all the time. The problem is that the perceived value of users of a software in general and a mobile app in particular is very low. They have no idea the real cost it takes to invest in developing a quality app. They think it grows on trees apps, hack tool, account login, forum, beginner guide, Shinobi io how to play game, win and hack for free, Shinobi io 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, jailbreak, Shinobi io without surveys

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Why ? It’s simple. Because we broke the mobile app model in the first place. There are thousands of free apps developed at a loss by large companies. Just to have users and provide a service. Just to brandish and promote their brand. All these free quality apps make people always have the same reflex “there must be almost the same thing for free with another app”. So when they see a Pay app, they run Mod.

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That’s why I put Hercules free to download and try for seven days to break down the price-entry barrier. apk android There are several business models for a mobile app, the main ios ones are the free apps with ads and in-app purchases. Buying a mobile app before you can download it and try it I think it’s something that is not done or very little done given the reluctance of users to pay. download for pc


The problem with advertising is that it takes a huge daily traffic to generate a decent income and pay a salary. The problem of in-app purchases is that the revenues are not, glitch, update, iphone, android, ios and pc download, Shinobi io tutorial and courses, Shinobi io apk mods.

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A non-recurring revenue model
If you use the ad model, it takes tens of thousands of users a day to make some money. This implies several things : having a good visibility on the play store and having a high retention rate. That is, Free generator your users continue to use your app regularly to hope that they will click on your ads at some point (or that there are enough impressions to make money).

If you use in-app purchases like I do, you have to constantly find new users because you are selling one-shot products inside your app. This means that by definition your revenues are not recurring, without human verification as opposed to a subscription for example. Shinobi io unlimited free coins and gems, Shinobi io generator with no survey.

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Let’s talk about the subscription, not only is it difficult to make someone pay for a mobile app, but then to make them subscribe, imagine the difficulty ! free cheats The subscription system solves the problem of recurring revenues, but still your users must be engaged with your app, because if they subscribe to 2 € / month for only one month, you will not gain much in the long term and you will fall back into the problem of non-recurring revenues codes download. Shinobi io free, gift code redeem, Shinobi io download cheat codes for android,Shinobi io  ios and pc.



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