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Do you remember when cell phones weren’t glued to our hands? This time seems surreal, so much the comfort of these small devices became indispensable. And the trend is not expected to weaken in the coming years: hack version a third of the world’s population is expected to be equipped with a smartphone by next year, according to the latest estimates. But spending hours every day on a small screen, fingers glued to the keyboard, necessarily affects our health.

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Robozuna hack versionExcessive use of mobile phones and screens in general affects the lens of the eye and promotes nearsightedness. Worse still, two British women aged 22 to 40 would have suffered temporary blindness for a few months because of this bad habit. Both were constantly checking their smartphones in the evening in their beds with one eye, the other being covered by the pillow, as they were on one side. This difference in brightness caused asymmetry and vision loss, the British daily The Independent reports . To avoid this problem, make sure you look at the screen with both eyes.

One of the effects has been demonstrated several times is the harmful effect of blue light on sleep. Because our biological clock is based on light, exposure to screens at night can cause insomnia or difficulty falling asleep . Make sure you sleep well, turn off electronic devices about an hour and a half before going to bed apps, hack tool, account login, forum, beginner guide, Robozuna how to play game, win and hack for free, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, jailbreak, without surveys.

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This is a debate that has been going on in the scientific community for years. The harmfulness of electromagnetic waves and, mod in particular, their possible link with brain cancers has been analysed by several teams of researchers. apk  The most recent study is the National Toxicology Program, an American Research Program. In the results published at the end of May, scientists say they Download for pchave observed a significant increase in brain and heart cancers in rats that have been intensively exposed to waves of different powers ios, android.

This problem is particularly relevant for adolescents. Remaining bent forward is very poor during a period of full growth and can cause cervical pain associated with tension or contractions in the neck. Doctors who have noticed an increase in this problem due to poor posture have dubbed it “text-neck” website, Robozuna glitch, update, Robozuna iPhone, android, ios and pc download, tutorial and courses, Robozuna apk mods.

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Text addicts can be suspicious: the movement of fingers on the keyboard of the phone can cause tendinitis, especially with the thumb. Just like in the case of the gamepad console, repeating the same gesture for hours is not good for our fingers Free generator.

“All these applications available and these entertainment options at your fingertips make it possible, as ever, to cut oneself off from one’s problems, without human verification real-life tensions of reality and avoid confronting them.” Tayana Panova, a researcher at the American University of Illinois, summarizes the results of her study on the use of smartphones. Published by the scientific journal Computers in Human Behavior, this work was conducted on 300 American students “addicted” to their mobile phone .

According to the researchers, smartphones are a sort of protective shield for anxious people, who use them to reassure themselves in times of stress and avoid dealing with reality. It’s the emotions, not the real need to consult your phone, that keep them stuck to their screen. Adangerous escape strategy that, according to the authors of the study, would only worsen the symptoms of anxiety and depression unlimited free coins and gems, generator with no survey.

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The smartphone that soothes
In order to better understand these “compulsive” behaviors, the scientists evaluated the pace of smartphone use of the 300 volunteers, as well as their emotions, using a questionnaire. Then they asked a third of them to write a text about one of their flaws or weaknesses in order to cause a feeling of stress and discomfort. During this test, a first group did not have access to smartphones, a second group had access to them and a third group could only use an electronic game free cheats.

As a result, those who had access to their mobile phone were 64% less likely to be anxious codes download than those who did not. Which means, according to researchers, that the smartphone is used as a soothing tool free, gift code redeem, download cheat codes for android, ios and pc .

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