Noio Coatsink releases in collaboration with Raw Fury The Third Kingdom game
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I have, to be honest, not played any of the two predecessors of Kingdom Two Crowns and thus I had no major tipping view before I sat down with it. Which in itself is good, as it is a bit of the basic idea of reviewing; one goes into neutral. The first thing that strikes me when I start it up is the inevitable retro flirt. The graphics originate from the light-hearted platform Adventures of the late ‘ 80s, alternatively the early chewing gum pop decade and catch me instantly .

History revolves around the fact that, as queen, you must deliver a crown through unexplored land.

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But shame if it were as simple as haspling up on horseback, galloping through the incredibly beautiful landscape and when you come up with what I assume is some kind of Castle, slapping on the gate. Or, if no one opens, throw in the gold wreath through the mail slot and drag home to Friends again. No, here it will be explored, conquered and built up after the road.

Pixelperfection is at its peak and contributes to the charm of the game.

This premise is basically the whole game. You walk through a pixel-perfect 2D landscape that, although carefully detailed and lovingly ornate, wears out in the long run. That sounds weird, so let me explain. Builds do you by adding collected coins (which come from different activities or felled animals) on the ground in exchange for building sites. Whether you can build or not is evidenced by a small mark in the form of a circle (and by holding down the down arrow). you release as many coins as markings, , in exchange for a rapidly growing structure (which grows markedly through different stages).To check the game click here 

You get to roll on and trap trees to be able to sow the seed for the expansion of your kingdom. Or village.

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The crux here is planning. Even if your Archers generate coins (after you build up a defense) by throwing arrows at bunnies and other, little, Rusk smells, they won’t stand like rods in the hill. Bet on building a working provisions runner (costing only one coin per journey) and you will generate income to develop further. Build walls, trade sites and fold trees to expand the wall. Different stations can also be upgraded a certain number of steps (which is at a higher cost, but posing a potentially higher payout). But hold warning! Enemies can attack and if they come nearby, they can not just destroy the wall, but if they bump into you, nalla of the city treasury. Or, at worst; take the crown that adorns your head and run away with it. And then they are fast Little Rascals-you can do nothing but see how the screen is centered on the crown that, on top of the illbattingen in question, disappears away. Game over. the game is available on most game consoles now.

Seeing a small piece of grass turns into a full-scale village still satisfies today.
When you upgrade a maximum area, it will be to chop down a tree and continue forward. Yes, the exploration takes place on the same X axis, a few meters forward at a time. If you walk there and build nothing, you are surrounded by darkness, and the only thing keeping you company is the fagertly crackling torch. But when you drive in and like a railroad contractor, mercilessly establish yourself on conquered land, the light follows with. It is between planning, manufacturing and expansion, that the game shows, what I think, both its strongest and weakest card. When you do not spend coins, it is the wait that applies (nothing is expected Times). You wander around on your horse and hope that coins will appear. Or that the runner should come back. It can also, unfortunately, be that you are2013 and that which produces coins – is destroyed. Then it could be tough. However, you can always reboot. Or run on and hope to stumble upon a new gold mine.

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The plus of the game is its graphics (which you might already read yourself to that I love), its sound effects and its soundtrack. Everything from clamped clocks to the rippling waterfall sounds simply lovely and the music that then, when twisting into the background reminds of the folk tales or the entertainment around the ARN round table. Nothing I can say except thumbs up here.

Kingdom Two Crowns You give me coin!

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I mentioned earlier that the game’s biggest card is also its biggest weakness. And what I mean by that is its tempo. Sometimes waiting times, as you just wander around while waiting for the next payout may be a bit too tedious. Some may wander on and seek new adventures, but I prefer to do so with a few pennies in the purse. Or just upgrade everything in one place as much as you can. To sum up Kingdom Two Crowns, it’s a tower-defense game with elements of MicroStrategy that, depending on your approach to the genre as a whole, can either entertain for shorter moments, or tire out altogether. Because I’m pretty hard to see myself sitting and lowering hour after hour in this for a long time. Unfortunately. For seen to the production, the creator Joy shines through, but Rye.


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