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A new study published Tuesday by a group of researchers at the University of Montreal looks at the relationship between video games and gray matter in the hippocampus, hack version a part of the brain responsible for spatial and episodic memory.

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Noah Fantasy hack version

While some types of games may lead to a decrease in brainpower, others may have the opposite effect, according to the team led by Associate Professor of Psychology, Gregory West. But it is especially the way players interpret the virtual space that can come to change the game.

A weak hippocampus is associated with higher risks of mental illness, including depression, schizophrenia or Alzheimer’s.

Call of Duty and Battlefield pointed fingers

These are the “action games” that have the most harmful effects on the hippocampus, say the researchers. Of note: This qualifier includes almost exclusively first- and third-person shooter games played in single player mode, in the context of the study apps, hack tool, account login, Noah Fantasy forum, beginner guide, Noah Fantasy how to play game, Noah Fantasy win and hack for free, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, Noah Fantasy jailbreak, Noah Fantasy without surveys.

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As a first step, the researchers evaluated the ability of regular action game mod apk  players (six hours a week) to navigate a virtual maze. They favored strategies that focused on conditioning learning, while “non-gamers” focused on spatial learning Download for pc.

“Conditioning learning strategies […] involve  ios memorizing a series of actions from a starting point. Those who use these strategies tend to have a lower level of brainpower than those who use spatial learning strategies, “says the study android.

Mario 64 beneficial to the brain

The second test performed as part of the study assembled two test groups composed of people who are not gamers. The first played action games for 90 hours, while the other ventured into Mario’s 3D world for the same amount of time website, glitch, update, iphone, Noah Fantasy android, ios and pc download, Noah Fantasy tutorial and courses, apk mods.

Noah Fantasy free generator without human verification

Noah Fantasy free generator without human verification

“Although learning by conditioning can be encouraged in 3D platform games, their design requires the player to rely on spatial learning Free generator so that he can produce a cognitive map of the game environment,” he says. the study.

However, those who have been exposed to action games have seen a reduction in their gray matter level, while explorers of the Mushroom Kingdom have seen an increase of this same substance in their brain without human verification.

Not black and white

Finally, the researchers took the same group of “non-gamers” who participated in the second test and let him venture into role plays with action items, such as Dead Island and Borderlands .

This time, the results were more nuanced as players had to navigate in an open-world environment. This kind of experience further encourages the creation of a cognitive image of the virtual environment than a classic shooter, but less than a platform game.

The effects on the gray matter therefore depended on which learning approach was favored by the objects of study.

And Age of Empires , in all that?

At the very end of the 10-page report, the researchers admit that “the impact of other kinds of video games on the hippocampus would be justified”, considering the diversity of the effects that different kinds can have on the brain unlimited free coins and gems, Noah Fantasy generator with no survey.

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This study is indeed the first to be interested in this subject, but its results are rather limited in scope. For example, researchers have not studied the effects free cheats of online shooter games, which may also benefit from a spatial learning approach.

We have contacted the researchers for more details on this and codes download will update this article when we get an answer.

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