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“I have come to win!” Says Cheick Kamagate, who hopes to win the PES tournament, a soccer game, at the second edition of the Electronic and Video Game Festival of Abidjan (FEJA), an event to promote the video game industry in Africa. The 19-year-old Ivorian bachelor, who plays “three to four hours a day”, would like to buy gaming equipment with the bonus awarded to the winner of the tournament.

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Metalborne hack version“If I can, I would work in the video game as a developer, it’s my passion, but rather in the United States,” says the future student in computer science. Africa is still a dwarf market for video games: one billion revenues per year, or 1% of the global market, according to studies conducted by leading international consulting firms and telecom operator Orange. Its main markets are Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa. Metalborne apps, hack tool, account login, forum, beginner guide, how to play game, win and hack for free, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, metalborne  jailbreak, without surveys, metalborne hack version.

But the continent is a promising market, thanks to its demographic vitality, its youth and its thirst for new technologies: half a billion young people under 25, as many people connected to the Internet, and also one billion subscribers to the Internet. mobile phone, half of which play on their smartphones, reports Serge Thiam, a specialist consultant. “The video game represents a future for young people in Africa, it is a source of new jobs, a way to make a living,” says Sidick Bakayoko, creator of the Ivorian company Paradise Games and founder of FEJA. The festival, organized over three days from Friday to Sunday, is more than a tournament, it aims to explain to young people how the video game industry works, what jobs this sector offers and how to train. To attract the public, “gamers” (professional players) from a dozen African countries were invited to compete, alongside young Ivorians, various tournaments of adventure games or e-sports.

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If envy and enthusiasm are there, financial means are lacking in Africa, however, recognizes Sidick Bakayoko. Young people lack money to buy games and “the economic model remains to be found”. No data is available on the total number of jobs currently generated by video games in Africa.

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About 300 video game development studios exist on the continent, but they are micro-enterprises, employing fewer than five people, says Bakayoko. With some success stories like the Cameroonian studio Kiroo whose game “Aurion” (adventure game where a fallen king is trying to regain his throne) has breakthrough internationally. Several studios are beginning to emerge in Madagascar and the Central African Republic, according to Bakayoko, for whom Africa must capitalize on its cultural wealth to differentiate itself. Metalborne website, glitch, update, iphone, android, ios and pc download, tutorial and courses, apk mods, metalborne Download for pc.

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The common point between “Aurion”, “Dahalo” developed by the Malagasy studio Lomay, or “A boy in savannah” of the Togolese creator Pio Jules Tchedou: they put forward the cultures of their countries, in a world dominated by Western games or Asian. A commitment widely welcomed by the players present on the FEJA. Metalborne unlimited free coins and gems, generator with no survey, Free generator, metalborne without human verification.

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“I would like to create an adventure game inspired by Soundiata Keïta”, Mandingo ruler and founder of the empire of Mali in the 13th century, explains Elie Kouadio Kouamé, a 24-year-old computer graphics student and gamer of PES. Belko Diallo, a 22-year-old Burkinabé gambler who has come to compete in the Street Fighter (fighting game) tournament, sees further. This medical student “dreams of combining medicine and video games, using certain technologies of video games for medical examinations”.

Since 1983, the video game in France has grown and developed to a point where it is today one of the most consumed cultural products on our territory! While in 2000, only 20% of the French population (average age around 20 and mostly male) declared themselves players, in 2015 it is 1 French out of 2 who declares to play, with almost perfect parity and an average age well beyond 30 years *.

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Technological innovations (3D, virtual and augmented reality) are important causes of this evolution. Why ? Because they have revolutionized video game consumption practices as well as the very processes of their creation. Metalborne free, gift code redeem, download cheat codes for android, ios and pc, metalborne free cheats, metalborne codes download.

Beyond this, dematerialization has also profoundly changed the industrial landscape: diversification of the typology of players, segmentation of the market, automation of industrial players … Such upheavals that even the primary use of video games has diversified and now interested academics and professionals. For example, there is talk of ” Gamification ” with the emergence of the serious game, video game for educational purposes used in the field of vocational training or the ” Advergame “, promotional video game for advertising.

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