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Knights Chronicle, the gacha game from Netmarble Studios comes on our mobile with the firm intention of wanting to stay there. Indeed, the game seduces with its cute graphics but also by his style of play. Gameplay side, it is a turn-based RPG with a notion of speed that remains important to define who will start playing.

Knights Chronicle hack version

Knights Chronicle hack version

Each character you are going to play has three skills that are his basic attack and two skills that will be reloaded as the tracks progress. In addition, a “defend” option is available to pass his turn which allows recovering his skills faster. In general, in a gacha game, each character has an element. This game hack version does not break the rule by separating the characters according to five attributes (Fire, wind, water, light and darkness). There is, therefore, a table in which the fire, wind, and water have an advantage and a disadvantage facing an element (the strong fire against the wind, the strong water against the fire and the strong wind against the water). Knights chronicle apps, hack tool, account login, forum, begginer guide, how to play game, win and hack for free, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, jailbreak, knights chronicle without surveys.

As for the elements of light and darkness, they are weak and strong against each other. In addition, each hero has one of the following three classes: Support, Defense, and Attack. If the gameplay seems attractive at first glance, it can quickly become repetitive and you can quickly let the fights be managed by the automatic function of the game. If you are a fan of manga / animated design, you will be served. Level graphics, the game is really correct for the mobile. On this side, great efforts have been made to make the game pleasing to the eye such as cut scenes for the third skills of each character. Each skill is animated and some effects are well transcribed on the heroes such as stunning.

Knights Chronicle mod apk download for pc, ios and android

During certain quests of the scenario, micro cinematics is added to the dialogues and are good qualities. The characters are cute and well animated. The only downside, as for most games whose graphics are high enough, the battery goes quickly. Dungeons have different functions such as getting monsters or gold. There are also advent dungeons that allow you to get heroes through fragments. The scenario, meanwhile, takes you to the planet Garniel mod apk download.  Knights chronicle website, glitch, update, iphone, android, ios and pc download, tutorial and courses, knights chronicle apk mods.

Knights Chronicle mod apk download for pc, ios and android

We are sent with Lena (a creation of Goddess Garniel) to save the planet. Although the scenario may be a little simplistic at times, it can become interesting when you want to know more about the main characters. On the side of the arena, there is a classic PVP mode for pc, ios and android in which the opponent is managed by the AI. However, we regret the absence of PvP mode in real time.



Knights Chronicle free generator without human verification

Regarding the difficulty of the game free generator, nothing insurmountable even if some dungeons advent will require coordination. The game offers several types of improvements. From the classic heroic improvement so that he gains experience with the game’s own heroic talent system. Among the improvement systems is the evolution that allows you to mount a hero in ranks.  Knights chronicle unlimited free coins and gems, knights chronicle generator with no survey.

Knights Chronicle free generator without human verification

There is also the level crossing that allows heroes to reach level 60 once they have made five crossings. This system can unlock heroic talents that are no more and no more passive liabilities for your hero. The other way to improve your heroes is the runes system of the game. Six runes can be put on a hero with various stats like HP, attack or defense. We are not talking about a gacha game without human verification without analyzing its invocation system.

Knights Chronicle free cheat codes download

And yes, Knights Chronicle free cheat has a classic invocation system where we use virtual currency (Here crystals) that serves a lot of things and therefore to invoke. Invocations are either in groups of 11 or in singles with most of the time invocation tables where some SSR rarity heroes have an increased rate. Each invocation offers you a rarity hero R to SSR (if you’re lucky). Nevertheless, we can note that an invocation is offered every day for free and that the probability rate of obtaining a character is displayed. Knights chronicle free, gift code redeem, download cheat codes for android, knights chronicle ios and pc.

Then, the energy system is quite well balanced because the game often provides energy to use and is easily mounted rank. Finally, the social system of the game (friends, guild and cat) is present and works rather well. The guild system promotes mutual support because you have to give gold to the guild to improve it and unlock liabilities but also features like guild dungeons. The system of friends to him is rather classic with “points of friends” obtained by playing with the hero of your friends or sending them points of friends. The cat on its side is very classic also with a tab dedicated to the guild and another dedicated to the general channels free generator.


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