Kingdom game in the Test – Three buttons for the king!
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Life as a king (or Queen) in a single test. For night after night, nasty monsters flock from portals to the East and west to the middle of the map, where the Monarch has built his camp. If one of the monsters manages to steal them, the game is lost.

To prevent this, during the day, the player builds walls at the external borders of his base, places watchtowers and hires Archers. When the sun goes down, the ruler and his subjects retreat behind the Palisades and try with combined forces to repel the attack.

The day-night change is the rhythm of the game.

During the day you can dare to explore the side-scrolling 2D map, and new subjects that appear regularly in small Camps in the middle of the forest, with a gold coin to hire. Or you just let your workers cut down trees, to open up new land.

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At night, it is then said to return quickly behind the walls in the hope that they will withstand the ever-increasing monster attacks in the current stage of expansion. The correct Timing is just as crucial as the ordered series. For only the ruler is directly controlled, his subjects react to the orders given to them.

It is therefore necessary to be able to assess whether the woodcutters will make it back to the base in time for the Nightfall, or whether a newly constructed wall will also be completed in time before the next night breaks. In Two Crowns, the developers have moved away a little from the Roguelike principle of the predecessors: those who lose here, will find on the already played islands at least parts of the infrastructure again.

Two rulers: The most important innovation of the Two Crowns is the Co-op mode both online and locally via split screen

When two monarchs play on one card at the same time, this again opens up completely new tactical possibilities. A main problem of the Kingdom games is that you simply can not be everywhere and have to think about which side of expanding his Kingdom, while archers, knights, city walls and towers on the other hand, attacks independently with the Monster, check the game here: This Problem is no longer in multiplayer mode – and of course there is hardly anything better than a neat game Couch-co-op!

An unusual game

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Kingdom Two Crowns is an unusual game. This starts with the perspective for which the developers have chosen: a 2D Sidescroller? This is known from Adventures or Jump-and-Run games, but not from the building strategy Genre. And, to make no misunderstandings arise here, Kingdom Two Crowns is a clean strategy game, in which it is about, at the right Moment to make the right decisions – even if you do not look at the title at first glance.


Even more unusual is the minimalist control: Kingdom comes with three buttons, respectively with the analog stick, a shoulder button and a button of the controller. the game is also available on steam. Its released and can be found on xbox too, read here.

The possibilities of interaction can be listed in one Hand: you can ride left and right, slow or fast. At the touch of a button, you drop gold coins or invest them in a construction project by holding down the Button in the right place on the 2D Map.

But because the coins always cause something different depending on the context, a surprising tactical depth arises. We build walls or strengthen existing Palisades in designated places. Elsewhere, a watchtower is created when you invest a certain number of coins. Within the base we buy various tools and weapons, the next free subject snaps and thus becomes a construction worker, Archer or Farmer.

Ripe for the island
The King’s goal is to find the source of the monster hordes on five islands – a particularly large dimension gate at one end of the map – and destroy them with a bomb. But you can’t construct it right from the start: to unlock higher technology levels, you first have to find a quarry and finally an iron mine on other islands and expand.

The Japan-Skin is not only visual variety, but also slightly modified game mechanics.The Japan-Skin is not only visual variety, but also slightly modified game mechanics.

You get there by letting your workers on each island repair a shipwreck that allows the crossing. This was already the case in the predecessor Kingdom: New Lands of 2016. New in Two Crowns is now, that you also return to already played Islands and this continues to expand-until one day you are able to start the counterattack on the final portals.

However, until the time has come, Wood is planted, its base is enlarged, and enough soldiers are hired to take the Offensive. Here, too, the right Timing plays the crucial role: those who attack too early will probably fail on the way to the Portal, because the emerging Knights and The Archers meet in their wake at night on a wave of opponents.

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For too long, however, one must not leave time, because on the one hand the monster waves become stronger from night to night, on the other hand the sources of income do not hold indefinitely – because somewhere the Gold has to come. Archers, for example, hunt only on the land of destruction outside the walls and earn a piece of gold with each Hare killed.

The aim of the game is to reach the last Portal at one end of the map and destroy it with a bomb.The aim of the game is to reach the last Portal at one end of the map and destroy it with a bomb.

If you expand the fortress, you lose hunting areas automatically. In addition, the season changes with advancing game time, and in Winter hunting is completely succumbed and farms no longer throw yields. In addition, you can’t hoard unlimited coins at first: if the King’s bag is full at the top right of the screen, excess coins will pop out.

Off to Asia

In Two Crowns there is a second scenario, the buildings and units in the style of the European middle ages, with models from the feudal Japan. This not only provides visual variety, but also brings with it some – although rudimentary – new game mechanics. For example, the bamboo forests consist of significantly more individual trees, which affects the usual Timing.

And instead of the new spear carriers in the classic scenario, which are excellent for the defense own and also catch fish and thus occasionally throw coins, there is a Ninja, which plays completely different. So the new scenario forces Old Kingdom hares to rethink and – in addition to the co-op mode – gives the new serial part its raison d’être.


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