Kingdom gets Koop Launch Trailer for the new series Part Two Crowns
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Kingdom Two Crowns already bears its most important innovation in its name.

The next part of the kingdom series can be played in Co-op for two. The second player can enter the kingdom of the main player at any time, both on PC and on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The match is scheduled to take place on 11 November 2014. It will be published on 31 December 2018.

A small view of the 2D Sidescroll game is available in this Launch Trailer, which again summarizes the basic columns of the series. In the Kingdom games you ride left or right through your own kingdom and have to make far-reaching decisions about the fate of the Empire by exploring the surroundings and paying for the expansion of settlements – of course, the funds are always scarce.

In addition to the co-op Option (local or online), Two Crowns enriches the series with a campaign mode with a permanent kingdom, new environments, units, mounts and secrets.

Free Content Updates announced

After the release of Kingdom: Two Crowns hack, new exotic Bioms are to be released gradually. The day of release begins with an area inspired by the feudal Japan in landscape, architecture and culture, as it is said on the Steam side of the game.


Life as a king (or Queen) in a single test. For night after night, nasty monsters flock from portals to the East and west to the middle of the map, where the Monarch has built his camp. If one of the monsters manages to steal them, the game is lost.

To prevent this, during the day, the player builds walls at the external borders of his base, places watchtowers and hires Archers. When the sun goes down, the ruler and his subjects retreat behind the Palisades and try with combined forces to repel the attack.

The day-night change is the rhythm of the game. During the day you can dare to explore the side-scrolling 2D map, and new subjects that appear regularly in small Camps in the middle of the forest, with a gold coin to hire. Or you just let your workers cut down trees, to open up new land.

At night, it is then said to return quickly behind the walls in the hope that they will withstand the ever-increasing monster attacks in the current stage of expansion. The correct Timing is just as crucial as the ordered series. For only the ruler is directly controlled, his subjects react to the orders given to them.

It is therefore necessary to be able to assess whether the woodcutters will make it back to the base in time for the Nightfall, or whether a newly constructed wall will also be completed in time before the next night breaks. In Two Crowns, the developers have moved away a little from the Roguelike principle of the predecessors: those who lose here, will find on the already played islands at least parts of the infrastructure again.


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