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Building a deck is never easy, especially when you do not really know where to take your card collection. I wanted to offer you today some advice in this area. Currently a senior designer on Hearthstone’s development team, I also worked as a designer on Magic: The Gathering and on the World of Warcraft card game, with 20 years of experience in trading card games. So let’s go! Given the almost limitless number of possible decks, the first thing to do is to define the type of game we are trying to build. If you prefer fast and aggressive (so-called “nervous”) decks, turn to effective, heavy-dealing minions, especially those with the Charge trait or spells that deal direct damage to your opponent.

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Hearthstone trick and cheat

On the other hand, if you prefer slow and cautious decks (so-called “control”), opt instead for servants capable of providing care or having the characteristic Provocation. The first will allow you to recover life points or heal your other servants, and the second will force your opponent to attack before you can attack you.

Some more complex themes can rely on even more specific maps, such as the Auctioneer, the Robot Alarm, the various Pirates or Malygos. If you choose this path, do not limit yourself to fun cards related to your theme; also think of including some cards to ensure your survival the time your deck gives its full measure, such as Frostbolt, Sneak Attack or Lightning.

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If the opponent takes the advantage at the beginning of the game, you will have the greatest difficulty to regain the upper hand thereafter. To avoid this, choose 5 to 10 cards whose cost does not exceed 2 mana crystals in order to have something to play during the first two rounds (essentially servants or spells to eliminate the creatures of your enemy) .

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High-cost cards, mostly used at the end of the game, can easily fit into most decks. A nervous game can thus be perfectly adapted to an aggressive servant like a Silver Commander, while a control deck will have all the advantage to make a small place for cards of the type Sun-Walker.

Shooting additional cards may also be useful at the end of the game, but remember that a servant who needs 2 cards to be killed is always more interesting than drawing 2 cards. Indeed, if your opponent has nothing to overcome, his presence on the board gives you a very clear advantage.

If you play a servant and your opponent manages to counter it, you remain tied, but if he is helpless in the face of your servant, it is you who take the hand. Hearthstone Once you have ripped a material advantage, you can proceed to win exchanges or attack the opposing player directly. This is why servants are more important than spells capable of eliminating them. Hearthstone Try to make sure your first decks have at least 20 minions and wait until you have a little bottle to break this rule with decks that put more emphasis on spells.

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Losing games is a normal part of learning the game. So do not modify your deck after a first defeat, but give yourself several matches to identify the most effective cards. Only after this analysis will you be able to make any informed changes. If you often lose fast decks, add provocative minions and cards that cost 1 to 2 mana crystals. Also be careful not to have too many expensive cards. Similarly, if you often tend to run out of cards before completing your opponent, add more end-game minions.

And above all, patience! Undoing a defeat against a specific class or type of deck does not mean that it is absolutely necessary to make all-out changes. If you do not play any cards in the first three rounds, you may be late to catch up. So make sure that your starting hand has at least one card costing 2 mana crystals, even if you need to discard at the beginning of the duel a good card at a higher cost.

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Consider first spending all your mana before thinking about other options available to you. Summoning powerful minions at the beginning of the game is usually a paid strategy, as it forces your opponent to put himself on the defensive. If he does not have the cards to hold your first creatures, you will take a definite advantage.

Once you have some more experience of Hearthstone, also think about how you will spend your mana on the next turn. Always study your hand carefully to make sure you have chosen the best shot for the situation.

Exchanging one of your servants for an equivalent enemy servant is usually a good idea. So, if you summoned a 3/3 servant and your opponent controls a creature of identical strength, you have every interest in eliminating it immediately to avoid the unpleasantness of a spell suddenly turning him into a 4/4 servant.

This strategy of Hearthstone also limits the effectiveness of enemy spells dealing damage to all your minions. Each class is able to empty the board when it is swarming with enemy creatures. So be careful when you play more than two servants.

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If you have the choice between playing a servant and drawing cards, it is always better to go for the first solution. Summoning creature’s forces the opponent to be on the defensive, while drawing cards does not improve your position on the board. Wait until you run out of minions before attempting to get them again.

These remarks also apply to servants such as Loot Grower. If you have in your hand a Fairy Dragon and a Loot Rookie in the second round, play first, because you do not need new cards yet. It is essential to invoke the most powerful servant in this kind of situation.

Being able to eliminate an enemy servant with your heroic power is a definite advantage, since you save a card, but most of the time, playing a creature in your hand will more surely improve your position on the game board. So focus on the beginning. game on the summoning of servants to gain control of the battlefield. Only later, when you have enough mana, you can use your heroic power more freely.

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