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We cannot accuse FIFA 18 Ultimate team of resting on its laurels. This year, its star game mode Ultimate Team knows some big changes, thanks to all new single player options of FIFA 18. With brand- new Icons added to the mode, team building challenges, and so much more, FUT now looks like a full-fledged game, especially when you know you can even play it anywhere thanks to the Nintendo Switch version.

Fifa 18 Ultimate Team trick and cheat

Fifa 18 Ultimate Team trick and cheat

Even if Adventure 2 and Career Mode are promising, they can wait. Because you have to get started in your Fifa 18. You have to start early to have the best team possible, or at least have tons of credits and packs to open. But the way to do it most effectively has changed, and that’s where we come in. So here are our tips for staying the best on FUT this year.

Team Clashes are very fun and can be quite difficult. These are solid teams of Fifa, usually with an incredibly high alchemy that makes them difficult to beat in your usual difficulty level. Do not be afraid to lower the difficulty for Team Clashes, because even if you receive slightly fewer points as a reward, winning and scoring will balance the scales.

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Fifa 18 Ultimate Team free download without human verification

With four repayable games to try every day, you can spend time increasing your total points as you wish. And you’re going to want to do it when you see the rewards. As we played before the exit and the ranking was less contested, we got the nice total of 65,000 credits, two mega packs, and a jumbo pack of rare players in just seven days. The ranking is reset every week, so you can really farm this solo mode to get some very good rewards in exchange. By the way, even if you are in the lowest part of the rankings, you will get an ultimate reward player loan pack. And of course, you reap credits by playing anyway, so you have nothing to lose.

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FIFA 18 now offers daily and weekly goals. These are extensions of the tutorial style goals that every year show players how FUT works. The daily goals are to “win a game today by at least two goals in the game in Seasons Online” to “make a decisive pass with an Argentine player today. And they even go as far as including simple things like “Apply a Shape Element”. The best idea is that every successful goal earns you a reward: sometimes credits, sometimes small packs. And if you finish all the daily goals, you will have another reward.

Moreover, the beginner objectives were muscled to go a little further. And as you have guessed, they all give rewards too. Weekly goals put more emphasis on making you play, asking you to score a number of goals, or buying or selling a set number of players. But the game constantly motivates you with a carrot that takes the form of more packs, more rewards, and more credits.

Fifa 18 Ultimate Team apk for android, pc and ios

You think you are good at FIFA 18 ? You’re certainly right, but the Champions Channel offers replays from the best players in the world. It’s an opportunity to watch and study what they do, to discover new things you do not know with good practical applications. It is an excellent idea. The Champions Channel lets you learn from the best just by watching them play. It is recommended to take a look at it from time to time, because if you do not try to improve, you will lose.

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We do not want to ramble, but FIFA 18 really seems to want to give more rewards this year. Team building challenges have always been fun, but they have never been as deep as they are this year in FUT.

Multiple and sometimes repeatable challenges help you learn alchemy and positioning before giving you a pack as a reward. Whether it’s changing positions or simply mixing multiple nationalities or championships in a team, EA gives you something to do here. Between the basic challenges, the advanced challenges, the leagues and the improvements, this solo mode deserves a lot of time, and not only because you can collect exchangeable players. Yes, you read that: Some of the Team Challenge Rewards are now tradable. So it’s up to you to play.

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When it comes to Team Building Challenges, it’s really worth keeping the badly rated Bronze players from the beginning, and even some gold players you do not want. Of course, you may earn a few hundred credits (about 320 if you’re lucky) if you sell them, but these players can be used in Team Creation Challenges to trade them for open packs. Even though you may earn a few thousand credits by selling 11 gold players you do not want, you should instead make a repeatable Team Creation Challenge that allows you to redeem them for a package containing a rare guaranteed player. Go into Team Building Challenges, then into “Improvements” where you’ll find bronze challenges, Silver and gold that allow you to trade 11 players you do not want for player packs. It’s a real deal.


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