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Come in, it may be slaughtered again! Capcom’s rude zombie butcher Dead Rising has reached the Wii. In the following review, you will learn whether the bloody trip to the shopping center of death pays off or whether the players zombie-rotten meat is set.

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Such a hack trip to the hack supermarket may not be unlimited resources very exciting in this country, unlimited resources especially in the United States, to countless shops, leisure activities and last but not least plenty of running meters whole days in it, without being boring. Capcom’s Dead Rising makes just such a shopping mall the slaughterhouse deluxe. Masses of zombies have a small town under control and all the undead journeymen have nothing else to do but to flock to the shopping paradise – probably a gravestone sale is on.

The photojournalist Frank smells the perfect report. He can be transported by helicopter to the roof of the mall and wants to hold in the mall three days as a journalist without fear and blame until the flight taxi picks him up again. Practically, Frank is an ex-wrestler and has a very creative streak when it comes to processing zombies into minced meat. But since he also has a good heart, he saves the way many a friendly non-zombie life.

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Changes at second glance, The story description may put some Xbox 360 Owners into mod apk a fit spasm. mod apk And indeed, Capcom treats pc, ios and android us with Dead Rising: Chop pc, ios and android Till You drop nothing more than download an implementation of the X360 classic Dead download Risingon. Content has been little since the publication apk of the indexed original, just four years later, action is not just fresher. After all, Capcom has changed some things. Most notable is the control that has been adapted to Wiimote and Nunchuk. Frank draws a cannon, you aim directly on the screen via Wiimote. If the raging reporter is taken by a zombie, you just shake the Wii Remote. Overall, the control is largely successful, but the key assignment is a bit complicated and sometimes illogical.

Moving impressions from Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop. The missionary structure of Dead Rising already made the original head scratching: During the three days in the store Frank receives every now and then new missions, which he has to do within a certain time. However, due to time constraints, it is not possible to solve all tasks. Instead, the game is designed so That you generator play through it generator several times. Conveniently, however, without human verification the Wii version now has without human verification multiple memory slots, making it to jump back to make a missed mission.

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Less pleasing fall in the technical field: The graphics are noticeably less pretty, which is particularly noticeable in the polygon poor characters, the pixelated cutscenes and the weak textures. In addition, the image has been reduced and the visibility reduced. Unfortunately, while the lousy AI of rescued NPCs has not been improved, the zombies are a little less aggressive and are found in the large areas in a minimally smaller number. Furthermore, just missing the photographing feature of the X360 version – this is in terms of Frank’s job now really makes no sense.

Zombies to laugh Undoubtedly, Dead Rising is a bow to George A. Romero’s zombie cult films. At the same time, the zombie butchery is by no means serious, which is evident not only in the cutscenes with the trashy dialogues. Above all, the countless items in the shopping mall provide Schmunzler: Frank beat the foul enemies,

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For example, cheats with a baguette, cheats puts them barrels and free codes downoad makes them rotate like a free codes downoad propeller with a punch garden Or he races her down with a lawnmower, skateboard or shopping cart, explodes balloon gas cylinders and makes a break with a hammer. However, more classic methods such as baseball bat or chainsaw massacre are not missing. Similar to a role-playing game, Frank learns new melee moves with books and improves his skills.

But it is particularly absurd when Frank meets not particularly friendly people. In the shopping times are some weird guys who want our reporter leather. The boss fights with these guys are lengthy and difficult, as humans, unlike the zombies (!), Can get tons of bullets and punches. All in all, Dead Rising is a tough game anyway, even if the Wii version seems a bit easier. It is annoying, however, that the Wii title indeed has German text on the screen, but the instruction booklet was not localized – probably because Capcom renounces an official release of the game in Germany.


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