Dragon Ball Legends trick and cheat android and pc apk free download     
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The mobile game Dragon Ball Legends is finally available on all Android and iOS devices in France, after some impatience fans of the cult series, it must be said. But it is now possible to discover this album and spend many hours to have fun among the different modes of play. It has been said many hours…? Not so sure, because you will quickly find yourself in need of Chrono Crystals to progress. That’s why at CodeTricheJeux, we give you free of charge our new cheat tool to get Chrono Crystals unlimited on your Dragon Ball Legends account.

Dragon Ball Legends trick and cheat

Dragon Ball Legends trick and cheat

Our Chrono Crystals generator is the indispensable tool for your progression in Dragon Ball Legends. Indeed, our cheat offers you the opportunity to refuel this resource completely free of charge and in record time. To better understand the trick, and especially before you can access it, take the time to watch the explanatory video below. Subsequently, click on the link below this one to give you access to the generator.

Chrono Crystals are essential for you to do what you want on your favorite game. But the problem is that this precious resource is expensive. So if you want to make great savings, the best solution is to use our free Chrono Crystals generator. Our cheat tool is the most powerful because it is completely secure and undetectable by the game’s publishers. Indeed, the generator was designed after the discovery of a flaw in the servers of the game by our technical team. It simulates the purchase of Chrono Crystals on your account by replicating the same procedure as if you were actually buying Chrono Crystals. Your account is credited with Chrono Crystals in abundance and no one can suspect that you have actually not spent a single cent for that.

Dragon Ball Legends free download without human verification

Dragon Ball Legends free download without human verification

The cheat trick is very easy to use, after having clicked on the button above, then you have been identified, it will be enough for you simply to respect the few steps described. You see, it’s like it’s already done, and you’ll get the precious resources in your Dragon Ball Legends account in just a few minutes. Our goal in offering this cheating technique is simply to restore some justice between those who can afford countless Chrono Crystals and those who cannot. With our generator, all gamers will be able to progress in the game in a fair way. In addition, we do not like the fact that the so-called free game becomes so quickly paid. Now is the time for you to enjoy free and unlimited Chrono Crystals, in an entirely secure and invisible way.

Dragon Ball Legends apk for android, pc and ios

In this part, we will present the game Dragon Ball Legends, which was so much awaited by the community of fans of Dragon Ball. In addition, you will be explained in more detail the interest of Chrono Crystals in the game to understand why it is important to get regularly. We will end up giving you our opinion on this new installment of the saga, Dragon Ball Legends. Dragon Ball Legends is a game published by Bandai Namco Entertainment available on Androis and iOS since its release on June 14th.

Dragon Ball Legends apk for android, pc and ios

For this opus, this is a card game that will allow you to embody the most famous characters of the famous saga and its creator Akira Toriyama. You will find the most famous characters, but also a new protagonist, Shallot. The game offers several modes, including the story mode that features this new head-burned hero who must fight for his survival in the heart of a royal fight that disrupts space-time. You will find in parallel the mode Events, in which you will be plunged in the history of the original anime.

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Here, we will explain in more detail what Chrono Crystals are used in the game Dragon Ball Legends to understand the interest of getting free with our generator. Chrono Crystals are very important resources because they allow you to get the best possible characters, allowing you to compete with all enemies.

These Chrono Crystals are won by completing story mode chapters, performing missions, playing every day or participating in events. But too little of these resources accumulate by these means to progress quickly in the game. So you understand, to get more, you have to pay. Or use the cheat trick we give you! We will say no more because you have understood, Chrono Crystals are essential if you want to live your game Dragon Ball Legends thoroughly.


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We loved this Dragon Ball Legends on mobile. A brand new character for a story mode that will make us live an anthology fight. The different chapters are well scripted and the player can only enjoy his adventure. Many characters are to win to be always stronger to fight enemies. The real plus of the game is the different existing modes that offer a wider range of games to players, with the story mode that will keep you spellbound for long weeks, and the event mode for shorter missions.

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