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It’s an adventure started four years ago, just after the documentary about Goldman Sachs. The idea was to focus on this gigantic industry, unknown to the general public, was in the process of dethroning the film industry. We knew nothing about it when it touched billions of players and had a turnover of nearly one hundred billion dollars. It was interesting to observe closely a major player in the world of entertainment, culture.

Distraint 2 hack version

Distraint 2 hack version

The digital revolution is changing our habits and the video game is an excellent red wire to tell the upheavals that the emergence of computers, the Internet or smartphones in our lives. There is a filiation between the world of finance, which has invaded our economies and societies, and this digital revolution that transforms our habits of consumption, leisure, time in front of screens. Basically, I’m not at all agamer . But I saw teenagers around me devour video games, spend hours there. So I was interested in the subject, without a priori negative apps, hack tool, account login, forum, beginner guide, how to play game, win and hack for free, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, Distraint 2 jailbreak, Distraint 2 without surveys, hack version.

The editing, the music dramatize the documentary. Do you feel a danger in the face of the emergence of the video game industry?

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Distraint 2 mod apk download for pc, ios and android

Video games touch a lot of people, nearly two billion people out of a global population of seven and a half billion people. This industry is facing new responsibilities. In terms of content first. Think of a young American who, at the age of 21, spent 10,000 hours playing video games, about the same time he spent on school benches. In terms of privacy protection then. Previously, we went to a store to buy a game like we bought a vinyl. Today, you can play and buy while staying at home, via its internet connection. Publishers have an incredible set of data on billions of players. They always know who’s playing, what, when, with whom. They hold extremely intimate information about consumers. What will they do with it? Who will control the use of these data? There is also the question of addiction. We know today that video games are more addictive than television website, glitch, update, iphone, android, ios and pc download, tutorial and courses, apk mods, Distraint 2 Download for pc.

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Distraint 2 free generator without human verification

“The biggest game publishers today capture the best talent”
You describe the video game industry as a new mass media. How far can it go? Can it for example dethrone the giants of the Web?

It is interesting to note that the major players of the Internet – Google, Facebook or Apple – all get into the video game. For example, Apple’s AppStore generates more than 50% of its profits through game application downloads and player microducks. Today, for these giants, but also for the entertainment industry , to be absent from this area is to miss out on the new generation. It is a global industry, one that brews even the largest number of consumers.

You highlight however very positive aspects to this breakthrough of video games …

Whether it is bad, or not, to play video games, is a completely outdated debate. The question is rather to know what we do with this practice. Is it just for fun or can it be used for educational purposes? In the United States, video games have, for example, entered all schools. The medical professions also use it for care, to fight against pain or in re-education processes. There are even citizen apps to get people to vote. Today, this industry offers a range of content, beyond entertainment. There are exciting games at the artistic level, and this is normal because the largest game publishers today capture the best talent: draughtsmen, writers, graphic designers unlimited free coins and gems, generator with no survey, Free generator, Distraint 2 without human verification.

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hil Spencer has dedicated his entire life to Microsoft … He’s been working on it since he was 20! After working on products such as encarta encyclopedia CD-Rom Encarta or Works, Phil Spencer decides to turn to the video game. He then became general manager of Microsoft Studios in 2008. In 2014, he replaces Marc Whitten as head of the Xbox and Microsoft Studios teams.

Since then, we can say that Microsoft is all about the video game! After the creation of the Xbox Game Pass, the company decided to buy several independent studios such as Obsidian, creator of Fallout: New Vegas  and Pillars of Eternity free, gift code redeem, download cheat codes for android, ios and pc, free cheats, codes download.

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