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Most of the applications advertised as “educational” are not proven effective and do not promote co-viewing or co-acting that helps young children to learn. In addition, most educational apps Target Red skills, such as ABC, number sequences, or shapes. These skills are only part of the preparation at school. The skills young children must acquire in order to be in school (and in life), such as impulse control, hack version emotion management and creativity, are learned much better social game with family and friends in the real world.

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Digital books( or e-books) that have a lot of visual and sound effects can sometimes distract children who learn “miss the story” and not as well as in a printed book where you can turn pages with the help of father or mother.

It takes about 18 months for a Baby brain to develop icons on a screen to match their equivalent representation in the real world. A toddler sees an Apple on the screen, but cannot identify it with a banana or pear. What infants and young children need most is interaction with family and friends. This does not mean that you should not talk on Facetime with Mamie Yvonne, who is at the other end of France, or with mom, who is on a business trip. But when it comes to learning from day to day, you have to touch things, shake things, throw them away, and especially see the faces and hear the voices of those you love the most.

A lack of sleep
Small children who are most exposed to screens that have a TV, computer or mobile device in their room sleep less and sleep much later at night. Babies may be over-excited by indirect ads, background noise, and may have more disturbed sleep when it’s important for them to grow well apps, hack tool, Chase Fire account login, Chase Fire forum, Chase Fire beginner guide, Chase Firehow to play game, Chase Fire win and hack for free, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, jailbreak, without surveys.

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Delays in learning and social skills
Children who have too much mod apk television in infant and pre-school age can be delayed in attention, thinking, language and social skills. One of the reasons for these delays may be that they interact less with parents and family. Download for pc Parents who watch TV or focus on their own screens (smartphones, tablets, computers …) android miss valuable opportunities to interact with their children ios  and help them learn.

Give your child resources for a reasoned use of
Identify together areas without video in your home
Whether in the kitchen or in the dining room, they hold family meals and other family and social meetings without screens nearby.
Charge Mobile devices outside your children’s room at night. This allows the child to sleep without being disturbed during sleep by messages or calls that might interfere with his sleep. Not only can the light emitted by phones affect sleep, but you are less likely to use or check your phones when you should sleep website, Chase Fire glitch, Chase Fire update, Chase Fire iphone, android, ios and pc download, tutorial and courses, Chase Fire apk mods

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You determine times without screens
Turn off screens daily at certain times. Free generator Whether during meal times, bedtime, Wake up in the morning, during car trips, with the exception of long trips, for example, determine what will be your moments without screens. Courtesy is as important as ever. With a mobile phone or a mobile device is no excuse to forget our manners. We do not look at the phone, or we do not send SMS during conversation with someone, or during meals. In addition, these should not be taken at the time of meal without human verification.

Balancing time online and offline
Media and digital devices are now an integral part of our world. The benefits of these devices, if used moderately and appropriately, can be great. But research has shown that time alone with family, friends and teachers plays a central and even more important role in the learning and healthy development of children unlimited free coins and gems, Chase Fire generator with no survey.

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Balance the time on screens and with the family, and do not let your child get lost behind a stream of media and technology. Accompany your child while reading, in creative workshops, for sports, climbing on trees, cycling and being outdoors.

Be a good digital citizen
Talk to your children about being good “digital citizens” and sensitise them for the serious consequences of cyber harassment: not being rude or intimidating, free cheats respecting others ‘ privacy by not sending them anything without asking permission to call parents or trusted adults when they are bullied, or receiving messages and photos that make them uncomfortable. If your child is a victim of cyber harassment, it is important to take action. Responding to the mental health needs of children and adolescents immediately when they are intimidated Online is of paramount importance and it may be necessary to consider separating them from social media platforms where bullying occurs codes download free, gift code redeem, download cheat codes for android, ios and pc .

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