Boom Beach trick and cheat android and pc apk free download
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Boom Beach is the latest developer game from Clash Of Clan, SuperCell. There are also many codes of the latter with regard to attack and defense of boom beach. I propose today small tips to better play boom beach.

Boom Beach trick and cheat

Boom Beach trick and cheat

There are two choices in Boom Beach, you can focus only on your attack abilities or conversely on your resource production and defense. It is relatively difficult to be good in both, in one case your enemies will have more defenses than you will have attack capabilities, and on the other, your base will not be well enough defended to keep your resources. It is therefore important to choose at the beginning of the game what type of player you want to be. The most interesting being I think the Raider, ie the player advancing in the game boom beach by attacking the bases of other players.

1) The basics of the game 

– Unlike Clash of Clan where the victory is ensured thanks to the percentage of destruction, in Boom Beach, you will have to destroy the enemy’s headquarters to win. The destruction of the other buildings of the base will, however, bring you points of action for your gunboat.

– Logically, nothing serves you to persist in destroying the entire base of the enemy. All the defenses are on the edge of the beach? Go through!

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– The level of enemies that appear on your card depends only on the number of medals you have. It is in this context that I advise against systematically attacking the basics of the blackguard. They will bring you a few resources, but many medals. Increasing the level of enemies that appear on your map of boom beach.

Boom Beach free download without human verification

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– Diamonds are the equivalent of gems in Clash of Clan. They can be purchased through the shop, or found on the map in small chests. They allow you to accelerate the construction of your buildings or the creation of your units, but especially to buy missing resources for a construction. Keep as much as possible for HQ improvements that require a lot of resources. However, unlike Clash of Clan, it is not necessary to save diamonds. You can use them any way you like since it’s easy to find on the map or via the submarine.

– Stones of power, recovered from a victory on an enemy base, allow you to create statues giving you bonuses. The order of creation is simple since 7 fragments allow you to create an Idol, which will give you a shine if you destroy it. 7 shards allow you to create a Guardian, which will, in turn, give you a crystal if you destroy it. And finally, 7 crystals allow you to create a masterpiece. As you can see, the Masterpiece will offer larger bonuses than the Guardian, boom beach who himself will propose more important than the Idol.

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– When you create a statue, its bonus type is defined by the color of the crystals used. Crystals of Life give bonuses of production of resources, Ice crystals of defensive bonuses, Magma crystals give offensive bonuses and finally Obscure crystals give bonuses to the gunboat and victory. So we must choose the statues that we use to make the most of the bonuses they offer. By cons when creating a statue the bonus and its percentage are random. So an Idol made of fragments of life can give you between +3 and + 10% production of wood, or iron, or stone. It is impossible to choose. So you will sometimes have to destroy the statue if the bonus does not interest you. Any destroyed statue gives you a higher power stone (7 fragments -> statue -> 1 shine), except for the masterpiece that once destroyed will give you some great powder. The latter allows doubling the bonus of a statue on a given time.

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– On your card you have three basic types:

The basics of the Black Guard, which are therefore normally easy to destroy but do not bring many resources. The bases belonging to other players. And finally the resource bases, red if they belong to an enemy and blue if they are yours. Resource bases are small bases that when they belong you regularly deliver resources by boat. You can move the defenses as you please, but you can not delete or add them. They increase level each time a player takes possession. If they are very useful at the beginning, from a certain level their production becomes really negligible vis-à-vis your needs. Do not be stubborn in wanting to always take back a resource base.

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2) Tips to be a good Raider

– Keep only Magma or Obscur type statues. They give you bonuses of attack or gain.

– Only attack the basics of the Black Guard if you really lack resources. The privilege of other players! The opponent search system is based on the number of medals you have, each base of the destroyed Black Guard increases the level of other players that will appear on the map.


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