Adventure Escape Mysteries hack mod apk with cheat codes generator
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The free games on smartphone hypnotize hundreds of millions of followers every day. Decryption of mechanisms that can lead to addiction, or even bankruptcy.

Adventure Escape Mysteries hack version

Adventure Escape Mysteries hack version

Downloaded more than 500 million times. In 2013, hack version the free smartphone game Candy Crush Saga smashed all records. But it is not the only one to arouse a massive craze. Clash of Clans, another mobile game, continues to show about four million daily users, almost two years after its launch. Whether it’s aligning colored candies in Candy Crush or building a medieval village in Clash of Clans, the principle is the same: the action is short, repetitive, very intuitive and displays a progressive difficulty. It is also highly addictive.

“The addiction comes from the rapid rehearsal of rewards, randomly distributed,” says Gabriel Thorens, assistant physician at the addiction service at Geneva University Hospitals (HUG). Not to mention the invitation to progress – improve his score, to reach the next level – which encourages the player to repeat the same behavior. “This feeling is reinforced by the short duration of the parties,” adds Johan Jaquet, psychologist and prevention officer at the Neuchâtel Addictions Foundation. Apparently harmless, these games actually work like slot machines, which can be played several times per minute apps, hack tool, account login, Adventure Escape Mysteries forum, Adventure Escape Mysteries beginner guide, how to play game, Adventure Escape Mysteries win and hack for free, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, Adventure Escape Mysteries jailbreak, without surveys.

Adventure Escape Mysteries mod apk download for pc, ios and android

Adventure Escape Mysteries mod apk download for pc, ios and android

Misleading name

These free labeled applications have another perverse effect: they quickly invite the user to checkout. They offer different paying options, mod most of the time to avoid waiting to continue playing. Or to move faster, for example by buying “lives” apk or special tools to reach the next level Download for pc.

But why do you accept to put your hand in the purse? For Johan ios Jaquet, from the Neuchâtel Addictions Foundation, “if the Candy Crush app costed ten francs, android it would be very difficult to sell. But since it is free at first, the person will more easily start using it. She gets caught up in the game, gets to know him well, gets used to them, or even becomes an expert. “Difficult to refuse when the game requires a franc to continue the game instead of waiting twenty minutes website, glitch, update, iphone, android, ios and pc download, Adventure Escape Mysteries tutorial and courses, Adventure Escape Mysteries apk mods.

Adventure Escape Mysteries free generator without human verification

Adventure Escape Mysteries free generator without human verification

“People who are more sensitive to fast, more impulsive rewards will find it harder to control themselves,” says Gabriel Thorens, who is also working on HUG’s NANT (New Addictions New Treatments) program. In addition, purchases Free generator are ingeniously integrated into games, which tends to automate them without human verification.

In fact, the majority of players arm themselves with patience. But a small minority, from 1% to 3% depending on the studies, pays. And in this minority, only a tiny part would flare up considerable sums. For the Geneva specialist, “the people most at risk for addictions are the same as those likely to spend money for this type of games”.

To date, the NANT program has not yet received a request from patient dependent smartphone games. The same goes for the Center for Excessive Gambling at the Vaud University Hospital Center (CHUV) in Lausanne. “People come to consult when there are severe consequences,” says psychologist Coralie Zumwald. But the phenomenon could well make its appearance in the medical setting: according to Gabriel Thorens, “there is always a lag between the phenomenon observed in the general public and consultations” unlimited free coins and gems, Adventure Escape Mysteries generator with no survey.

The signals of addiction

Adventure Escape Mysteries free cheat codes download

Loss of control

The person no longer controls his consumption. She plays longer and spends more money than expected. She can not change her behavior even in the event of significant negative consequences such as financial problems, free cheats social isolation  codes download or poor school or work performance.

Withdrawal symptoms

If the person no longer has access to the game, she becomes stressed and irritable, and feels a sense of loss .

When her daughters offered her a tablet, Marie-Dominique was far from suspecting that she would be among the hundreds of millions of followers of the Candy Crush saga. For a year, this fifties has been aligning the famous virtual candies two or three times a day. “I’m a little addicted,” says the resident of Bex (VD), while stating that it does not stay riveted to his screen in the expectation of being able to play again. She admits to have hand in the wallet anyway. “Recently, I was stuck at level 185 for two months. I was so fed up that I ended up cracking and paying 13 francs to go to the next level. “This mother of day and cashier sets limits and had only yielded to sums of two or three francs. But lassitude and “the desire to go to the end of the game” won free, Adventure Escape Mysteries gift code redeem, Adventure Escape Mysteries download cheat codes for android, Adventure Escape Mysteries ios and pc.

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