Saturday, November 16, 2019


One of the first video-game species, particularly computers, was an adventure game. These were originally text-based games like Will Crowther’s Collossal Cave and the original Zork games. However, as power-gaming grows, developers are trying to take advantage of visual features to each successive platform. Atari VCS offered me a game called Adventure. Roberta Williams started develping the King’s Quest series from Sierra Online trying to add interactive graphics and point-and-click funtionality more puzzle-oriented traditional text-based adventure. This species has always followed strong puzzle solving challenge and overall violence due to the lack of. This has made it popular also for many non-traditional gaming groups. In recent years, LucasArts and Cyan have been known for their contribution to the adventure. Other examples of adventure in the franchise are Gabriel Knight, Indiana Jones, Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island, Myst, Police Quest and Syberia.

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