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Action sports highlights the physical tasks that require adaptable and hands and eyes and motor skills wins. They focus on the player, controlling most of the action. Many of the first video games were considered action games; today, this genre still cover all the games involved physical challenges.

Action games have been classified by many sub-genres. Platform games and fighting games among the most famous subgenres, but Jurassic Games has become one of the most prominent video games from the 1990s.Action games usually include elements of twitch game.

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The video game industry; In just a few years, video games have become one of the most popular hobbies in France. Whether in the number of players or turnover, the sector is...

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As we approach Paris Games Week, which is taking place next week in Paris (one of Europe's biggest video games trade shows), idealo data ( price comparison ) has been processed , in a comprehensive review of...
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The article "the Tech industry's War On Kids" by Dr. Richard Freed was originally published on the American platform "Medium" in March 2018. Richard Freed, a child and adolescent psychologist, works...