Received a text like this? 'R Jones (07970 111111) has asked to locate your mobile. Please reply '1074da' to agree. More information at' This means that R Jones wants to track your mobile phone. Before he can, you must activate your mobile phone for tracking, by replying with the PIN number supplied in the original message you received. If you dont reply with this PIN, then your mobile will not be located. See Step 3 or Step 4 of the Help document for more information.

Once you have consented to be located, you will receive regular text reminders with a PIN code. R Jones (07970 111111) can locate you. To Stop text reply STOP 1963bz' You can decide if you do not want to be located at evenings or weekends by logging in and changing your prefernces. Click here to log-in to followme using your mobile number and PIN code sent to you by SMS.

Note : Location Services are designed to locate the phone of another person. For the service to work, the phone has to be switched on with network coverage. Location services aimed at children are intended to complement, but not be a substitute for, normal parental supervision. They give information about the whereabouts of a child's phone and, in conjunction with other types of communication, such as phoning or texting, can help parents keep in touch with their children.

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